AquaTic is a small-scale mechanical noise making device intended for the use of scuba divers and free divers to enhance their ability to communicate and locate each other under the surface
Problem Area
From the Users:
"Every scuba instructor should have one."
Product Expansion
Based on our research, we found that stealth and agility can be major contributing factors for many free divers, with an emphasis on camouflaged products. A version of the AquaTic to suit this need could be a possibly market expansion.
Serving a more "premium" audience, the AquaTic Pro could feature additional features to the base product, such as an all metallic body, polished on one side to act as a flash reflector, and a blinking LED to further assist location efforts.
A special thankyou to my dedicated team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who made this project possible:
Lindsey Lebel, Hassan Ajami, Stella Rossikopoulou Pappa, Ibrahim El Khatib, Zhiyuan Shu, and Bruce Hecht
Exploration in Form
Final Product Inspiration
To create a low-tech, low-cost, mechanical noise device inspiration was drawn from the inner workings of a simple dog training device
Analyzing and Testing
Final Form Prototyping

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