Stew is a kitchenware ecosystem brand with a mission to create a meaningful cooking experience through not only the way you interact with your kitchen, but the way your kitchen interacts with itself.
Opportunity Area
1. Unorganized/Inconvenient Storage 
- Linked to the problem of relying on nesting objects i.e. tupperware
2. Densely Populated Market
A Typical Kitchen Setup
Most kitchens are filled with well designed products that work great in their own sense, but the products come from different producers. This means it is impossible to design the products together and really investigate how to maximize the efficiency of the interactions they have with each other.
A good example of two products being designed together: Rolls Royce door x umbrella
A 3-part system: Vessel, Storage/Drying, Utensil
Modular Storage that doubles as a drying rack inside of cabinet
Ultimate customizability: grow your kitchen as you grow your skills
Comes with utensil/handle rack
Removeable pot handles to save space in cabinet, and allows for easy action pulling out and putting back in
Utensil color corresponds to vessel, with ends following the same contours for maximum efficiency
Mechanical Construction
Create utensil ends out of sheet material, bent lamination, or expand into other areas such as this pan strainer
Utensil magnetically attaches to pot for when you need to walk away, or to take with you to serve
Let your kitchen grow with you.
In the future:
The products require much more testing and iteration, especially in terms of materiality and durability over time regarding factors like heat and moisture.
Reevaluate color palate of the products and how certain colors could be best used to convey information and better create a sense of product family
Thank You

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