Plywood Coffee Table


This small coffee table was made entirely from Baltic Birch Plywood, featuring a pattern-ply tabletop, and the ability to be completely disassembled and flat-packed for easy transport.
Process Checklist:

1. Leg template made (MDF), consecutive legs routed from template (could be easier/ more accurate with CNC.

2. Modifications made to leg assembly for top stretcher cut-out.

3. Bottom stretches routed out using router template jig for accurate and consistent placement.

4. Stretcher template made, consecutive stretchers routed out from template (MDF).

5. Everything routed from template gets corners and holes squared off by hand with chisels.

6. 3/4 Baltic birch cut into 1/2in strips, flipped on side and glued into panel for table top.

7.  Table assembly glued up and outer trim added.

8. Table-top attached via center stretcher
Thank You!

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